Salangen Church

Salangen church is a long church in concrete and wood from 1981. It has 420 seats. Architect was Harald Hille. It is a working church with a parish hall, church hall, kitchen, meeting room, and offices.

The old church burned down on September 21, 1978. The priest at the time, Per Tønder was there Immediately after the church began to burn, and managed to save, among other things, an altar picture from 1842, which comes from old Ibestad church. After the fire, it soon became clear that a new church had to be built, and the church council had a parish house planned. This project could be merged with the church, and it was decided that a working church should be built. The church should be as similar as the old one.
North: 7642756 East: 614895 68 52'18.6 "N 17 51'24.3" Ø

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