Top 7 arctic romantic experiences

Experiencing the Arctic nature with your loved ones can be as romantic as walking hand in hand at Champs Elysée in Paris. Knowing the sense of mastery together, where the experiences turn into eternal memories, which bind you together in a very special way. It can be anything from sharing the same canoe to climbing Norway's national mountain Stetind. Here are the top 7 activities for the more activity-seeking romantic trips. 

1. Kayaking in beautiful arctic fjords

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2. Climb Norways national mountain Stetind together

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3. Hiking together brings you closer to nature and to each other

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4. Go on a huskywagon ride 

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5. Geobiking with electric bikes

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6. Canoe tour in the wetland

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7. Mountainbiking in the beatiful Skjomen

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