Active summer in the Narvik region

Go hiking in the Narvik region and be amazed by the beautiful nature and mountains!

© Rune Dahl

Arctic summer holiday

Explore the arctic summer the Narvik region. So many hidden gems - and we share them with you!

© Rune Dahl
Summer in Skjomen

Ofotbanen railway

One of the most beautiful railway journeys in the world starts and ends in Narvik!

© Jernbaneverket/RoarGNillson

The summer in the Narvikregion is truly amazing,
 you can travel from sea to summit while surrounded by spectacular surroundings and majestic mountains.
There are so many things you can do and explore after the snow has melted away, what would you like to explore?

What would you like to experience?
Summer activities 
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Summer events
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