Høst Narvik

Autumn holiday between fjords and mountains in Narvik

In a few weeks’ time, Summer loses its green grip and must give way to the colourful autumn. A season that is rich and generous in so many ways. Mountain hikes, food experiences, fun and cosiness, all this is enhanced in the Northern Norwegian nature that surrounds the beautiful region of Narvik- which in the autumn turns ochre yellow and fiery red, while the sky lights up these warm colours. Autumn also gives us the perfect ingredients for the best dining experiences, whether it is mushrooms, berries from nature or the most delicious lamb meal. Did you know that the Northern Lights season starts early in Narvik, already at the end of August?

Food experiences in the autumn

The chefs at the city's finest restaurants are among the most deserving in Arctic cuisine, and are known for conjuring up the Northern Norwegian natural soul on their plate. Overview over all restaurants.

Autumn weekend

Narvik is not a big city, but it certainly has many of the same facilities. Great hotels, fancy dining experiences, world-class shopping and museum. But most of all, the nature experiences which Narvik is known for. Make your way across Norway by feet, or take the Cable Car up to 656 meters above sea level and start your trip from there.

Active autumn

If you want a more active autumn holiday, you can find everything from kayaking, husky rides, indoor climbing hall, ice-skating hall, and the world's northernmost zoo Polar Park, or check out Narvikfjellet to see which autumn activities they offer.

Outdoor activities
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Indoor activities
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