Kistefoss has a drop of 11 meters and constitute a part of the municipal boundary between Bardu and Salangen. Under the waterfall, the Kistefossen mill was established, which was in operation from 1938 to 1965.

Farmers came from Bardu and Salangen to grind grain here. Both barley and oats was grinded to flour. The old bridge over Kistefossen was built in 1928. In 1957 it was replaced with today's bridge.
The Salangenvassdraget is a salmon watercourse, and the salmon stairs in Kistefosen were built in several steps. The first construction phase was already in the 1920s and then extended in 1946. Registration equipment set up there in 2003, showed that during the summer 3-400 fish, mostly trout and some salmon, went up.

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