Starting point: Salangseidet (Einarmyra)
Length: about 7.4 km
Time: 4.5 hours t / r
Mas: 982
Follow the tractor road for about 700 meters inwards, when the road turns hard to the right then turn left into the forest and follow the marks up to the top. There are some wet areas before crossing the tree line. When you reach the plateau, you must follow the mountain westwards. The tour can be done in the summer from Sommarset (via Sommarset Lake), while in winter the route described must be followed. In winter, do not go any further than the cairn because of the avalanche danger. An alternative way is to combine this trip together with Skavneskollen. Then you can start / end in Gamvika. In total, this route is about 20 km.
Getting there
Drive RV84 to the municipal boundary between Salangen and Lavangen on Lavangseidet. About. 200 m from the municipal sign towards Salangen there is a parking space. This is the starting point.

hiking salangen