Northern Lights Hunting

© Michael Ulriksen
Norhtern light hunting in the Narvikregion

Northern Lights Hunting

© Michael Ulriksen
Northern ligths in the Narvikregion

Northern Lights Hunting

© Michael Ulriksen
Northern lights in the Narvikregion

The forecast shows high Northern Lights activity. You have travelled far enough to experience the dance of Aurora Borealis and finally, here you are. The clock passes the afternoon, and darkness soon envelops everything and everyone.
There is only one thing to do now - start the hunt.


Your chances of seeing the lights are high. The Narvik region is located right under the auroral circle and this spectacular phenomenon can be experienced from the beginning of September until the middle of April. All the Northern Lights hunters in our region have the best conditions for experiencing the most powerful Northern Lights outbreaks in the world.


The colours will amaze you

The testimonies about such occasions are numerous, and one of the most descriptive comes from Norway's first Sami writer, Matti Aikio (1872-1929.) He writes: "Every now and then, the Northern Lights can take you to tumultuous heights - airy, immensely high, brightly coloured waterfalls of fire right up there under all the stars of the sky - and glittering dangers over the snow land down here. No view between heaven and earth is greater and more overwhelming than the Northern Lights during their great outbreak. It should be able to lure as many tourists up here in the winter as the midnight sun does in the summer. ” Matti Aikio could not be more right. Recently, Northern Lights tourism has exploded, and we are now visited by people from all over the world who want to hunt for the magical Northern Lights.



Happy huskies

Husky sled, snow scooter or perhaps snow shoes?

Hunting with professional Northern Lights hunters will give you the greatest chance of success. These exciting adventures usually take place by car or bus, but new ways of hunting Northern Lights are emerging. Some offer Aurora hunting on husky sleds, others on snow scooters or boats. Do you prefer active experiences? Put on a pair of snowshoes to trek along the mountain valleys and experience the dancing Northern lights in the tranquillity of nature. Whichever way you choose to go in search of the lights, it's all about getting away from artificial light and finding clear skies where the Northern Lights can be seen clearly. Those who arrange the tours have also added other elements such as storytelling, bonfires and traditional Norwegian refreshments. In addition, a Northern Lights Hunt also means a magnificent journey through our wonderful nature.


A warmer Northern Lights region

The Northern Lights season starts as early as September. The first weeks of the season you can experience Aurora Borealis in comfortable temperatures, and during this period the chance is great to see the Northern Lights combined with a warm horizon coloured by glowing tones after the sunset. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who get to experience a colourful and energetic Northern Lights crown under the polar sky? Perhaps, after your experience of the Northern Lights, you will agree with Fridtjof Nansen, one of Norway's most famous polar explorers:. “It was a never-ending sparkling colour dance that exceeds anything one can dream. Sometimes the sight rose to such a power that it almost took one's breath away”.

Northern lights hunting offers
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