Spanstind Ski touring



The mountains between and around the fjords of Grovfjord and Gratangen has been called the Dolomites of the north, and the  scenery and the quality of the skiing  certainly lives up to this nickname. One of the most classic summits of the area is Nonsfjellet.

There are several possible routes for reaching the summit, and even more for skiing down, but the normal route starts from the old fishing village and trading post of Foldvik, which is situated on the west side of the fjord Gratangen. The way up starts by following a marked path though the forest, but when the forest becomes more open a bit higher up, the easiest way forward is to follow the river coming down from the big bowl on the north side of the mountain, marked on the map with the name Nonsfjellbotn.

From the bottom of the bowl you will have to pass through terrain over 30 degrees steep, with a marked slope between 800 and 900 meters above sea level up to about 40 degrees. Here you will have to take great care when putting up the track and only apporach this slope when the conditions are stable.  When you have passed through this steep section, you will have reached the summit ridge and the terrain angles out.

From here you follow the ridge westwards and then up the summits slopes due north towards the summit at 1139 meters above sea level. The last 40 meters goes through very  low angled terain, but there are steep sides to the east, west and north  where there also might be cornices and it is advisable to take great care here, especially in poor visiblity. From the summit there are many possible options for the ski back down the mountain, but the most common is to return the same way as going up.

Parking: At Foldvik

Driving distance and time from the city of Narvik: approximately 50 min and 45 km

Duration: Approximately 5 hours

Elevation: 1100 meters