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Sustainable travel

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We want to encourage you to travel as conscious and sustainable as possible.
The principles of sustainability are a balance between the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism.
The Narvik region is now in a process of working to achieve the Sustainable Destination label.
It is a tool for improving and working for sustainability on tourism destinations.
That is why we have made these advices to keep in mind when travelling in the Narvik region

Throw waste in the garbage cans

Help nature and don’t leave any garbage behind. Bring your waste to the nearest waste bin.


Choose local providers of activities

Whatever activity you engage in , the experience will certainly be better if you do it with a guide who knows the place and its history. It is also for your own safety.


Lower your emissions

Use public transport, such as bus and train, whenever possible. If you are going somewhere with short distances, try to walk or bicycle. It might be an experience in its self.


Respect private property

It is forbidden to camp closer than 150 metres from an occupied house or cabin.


Follow established paths and avoid the creation of new paths


Be considerate in traffic

Drive according to road conditions. Pay attention and be considerate of other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Always wear visible reflectors when walking in the dark.


Show respect

Be thoughtful towards other travellers and the local people. Do not disturb animals or birds.


Buy local food and products

Try the short-travelled cuisine and unique products made in the region


Get to know the local traditions and history

To really experience a place, you should get to know which culture and past it derives from. Visit the museums, take part in an activity which has storytelling as part of their offer


Choose an activity with a low-impact footprint

Select activities that do not detract or destroy the values of nature areas

Sustainable destination development

The overall goal for the Narvik Region as a sustainable travel destination, is to establish sustainable development, where the tourism industry and municipalities work together to ensure that our region invests in the future. We will preserve the authentic and pure in our region. We will facilitate measures that benefit guests and locals. We believe that a good place to live is a good place to visit! 

Our job is to secure that nature can be enjoyed by future generations. 

We have compiled a strategy for sustainable destination development in the Narvik Region. It is a comprehensive plan that makes sure the suppliers and businesses in the region take a joint approach to specific challenges and work consciously for the Narvik Region to become a more sustainable destination.

The plan has a long-term perspective, where the goal is to engage wide to achieve continuous improvement within the ten principles of sustainability.

Ten principles for sustainable tourism

Conserving nature, the environment and culture
1.    Cultural wealth
2.    The physical and visual integrity of the landscape
3.    Biological diversity
4.    Clean environment and resource efficiency
Strengthening of social values:
5.    Local quality of life and social values
6.    Local control and commitment
7.    Job quality for tourism employees
8.    Guest satisfaction and security, quality of experience
Economic viability:
9.    Economically viable and competitive tourism destinations through local wealth creation
10.    Economically viable and competitive tourism businesses

The 10 mentioned principles for sustainable tourism are based on the United Nations sustainability goals. In the fall of 2015, the member countries of the United Nations adopted 17 goals for sustainable development until 2030.

Sustainable development means that we must meet today's needs without destroying the opportunities for future generations to meet theirs.
The strategy applies to Visit Narviks impact field, which extends to the following municipalities; Ballangen, Tysfjord, Bardu, Evenes, Lavangen, Gratangen and Narvik – also called the Narvik Region. 

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