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Let us introduce you to some of the Narvik region’s most photogenic spots

The Narvik region is a paradise for photographers, adventurers, and nature lovers. Its breathtaking fjords, mountains, and valleys are the perfect setting for stunning photos that will make your followers jealous.

Don't believe us? Check out our list of the most beautiful and instagrammable places in Narvik.


Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing beauty of Stetind, Norway's national mountain.

Rising majestically from the heart of Stefjord, Stetind is a true natural masterpiece. Its iconic silhouette, resembling a granite anvil piercing the sky, will leave you in awe! Stetind stands as a testament to the raw power of nature. It's no wonder that photographers and hikers flock to this Instagram-worthy spot, eager to capture its breathtaking vistas and share them with the world.


Verdenssvaet, located in Efjord, is an extraordinary marvel consisting of one of the largest uninterrupted rock formations in the world.

This awe-inspiring site offers an exceptional mountain tour suitable for both cyclists and hikers. The journey is effortless, providing a raw and unfiltered perspective of nature's grandeur. The surrounding landscape features towering mountains and a shimmering blue sea, creating a truly breathtaking setting.

The Mountain Restaurant

Indulge in the elevated delights of Narvikfjellet and Narvik at The Mountain Restaurant!

Ascend via cable car to a lofty height of 656 meters above sea level, granting you access to the region's most conveniently stunning photo spot. From the restaurant's balcony, behold the breathtaking vistas of Narvik, the majestic fjords, and the encircling mountain ranges.


It points out of the vertical rock-wall like a carved sculpture, providing a clear connection to Norway’s Pulpit further south in the country.

The journey to Kjerna combines hiking on polished rocks and navigating stone slopes, with vegetation finding its way between the rocks. The landscape evokes a Tolkien-like ambiance, with a vertical wall enclosing the core and providing an airy feel. From the top, you can enjoy a panoramic and intimidating view of the Lofoten walls to the left and Stetind to the southeast.

Camp 291

Picturesque design cabins in Narvikfjellet, a dreamy Instagram spot!

The cabins boast large windows, giving you the feeling of sleeping under the open sky. With private terraces and modern architecture blending seamlessly with nature, these cabins are a sought-after image motive. Capture unforgettable moments and stunning landscapes as you curate your Instagram feed in this exclusive retreat. Camp 291: Where nature meets luxury, perfect for your Instagram-worthy shots.