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summer adventures

Few places are more suitable for low-hanging nature experiences than Narvik and Ofoten.

Large and small fjords surrounded by mighty mountains on all sides create an adventurous setting for great nature experiences. In the bright summer nights you will see a landscape draped in yellow, orange and red colors from the glowing sun.

Are you looking for some inspiration for things to do in Narvik during your stay? Here are our top 10 tips to help you make the most of your holiday.

Cikas Edmundas

Climb Kjerna in the midnight sun

It points out of the vertical rock-wall like a carved sculpture, providing a clear connection to Norway’s Pulpit further south in the country.

The vertical wall enclosing the core on all sides creates a unique airy feeling, beside the intimidating view on all sides that you can enjoy from the top. To the left, you will find the Lofoten walls as if they are shooting out from the sea, like a beautiful and shiny white strip, and to the southeast, you will find Stetind guarding its magical kingdom.

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Rune Dahl

Bare rock nirvana

Perhaps the world's fattest and most spectacular slick rock tour.

This is as much a nature experience as a bike ride. The bare rock mountainsides in Skjomdalen have taken the breath away from many, and this is definitely a place you should visit if you want to experience something out of the ordinary.

A huge granite mountain area with bowls awaits for you, drops to endless opportunities to play for hours. You cycle all the time with spectacular views over the fjord and the Frostisen on the left side. From the top down to Reinneset, there is pure downhill cycling on granite mountains and dirt paths.

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Herman Berger

Golf under the midnight sun

The arctic conditions produce a stunning golf experience at the 18-Hole championship course in the Skjomen valley next to the dark blue glacier "Frostisen".

The woods course plays a tough par 72, although not being particularly long with its 5884 meters from the yellow tee. The relatively low traffic on this hidden gem works to your advantage as you feel completely alone between the dominating mountains and in the midnight sun. From mid-June to mid-August you can play around the clock, as the midnight sun shines on the highest holes of the course between the massive mountains of the valley.

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Rune Dahl


Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at Fjellkysten Guesthouse.

The site is designed with inspiration from old Nordic architecture like the Vikings Langhus and the Sami Gamme. This is the place to let go of everyday stress and free your mind whilst also taking in the beautiful nature and picturesque surroundings. At Fjellkysten you can enjoy relaxation and silence in a cosy atmosphere. Start your day with a hike in the spectacular nature that surrounds Fjellkysten and end your day in the jacuzzi with the most amazing view.

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Rune Dahl

Cable car

Experience the midnight sun from the heights!

The cable car takes you up to the Narvikfjellet Restaurant 656 masl, which is the perfect starting point for hiking, cycling, midnight sun experiences, or maybe you perfer a good meal at the Restaurant. From the upper cable car station you get a panoramic view of deep fjords, high mountains, the historic ore harbor and Narvik city, which makes the cable car ride an experience in itself. Remember to bring your camera!

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Thomas Eckhoff

Polar Park

Visit the world's northernmost animal park, and home to Norway's large predators such as bears, wolves, and lynx as well as deer, moose, reindeer and muskox.

The park is a much more authentic nature experience than a traditional zoo. They place great emphasis on animal welfare and give animals large areas to create a habitat as natural as possible for the animals.

The landscape around the park is breath-taking, and provides the perfect backdrop for your arctic wildlife experience. You are welcome to walk around at your own pace or join one of our guided tours to learn more about the animals.

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Foto credit

Family walk in underground Nazi-bunkers

Explore bunkers built and heavily guarded by the Nazis during the war.

During a two and a half-kilometre walk in hilly terrain we will visit underground constructions with narrow cannon and machine gun positions, dark ammunition storages, moist trenches, and maze-like tunnel constructions. This guided walk takes place on trails along the Ofoten fjord, where five nations met in the Battle of Narvik in 1940.

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Museum Nord

Historical E-biking in Narvik

Ride through the town's history; Ofotbanen, the war and the city's industry and development.

On the seat of an electric mountain bike, we take you into the history that played out in and around Narvik. We focus especially on the Ofotbanen railway and the acts of war that unfolded during World War II, and are based on places that are part of the film «The Battle of Narvik». We make short stops at interesting places and places the film has scenes from. The tours are on trails and roads close to history and with a good overview of Narvik.

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Bergbjørn Fjellservice

Climb Stetind

Norway's roughest summer experience.

Stetind is Norway’s “National Mountain” and for a good reason. It is by far the most unique and iconic peak in the country. The spectacular route involves a beautiful walk up to “Halls Fortopp” where the climbing starts. We recommend to climb Stetind with a internationally certified IFMGA Mountain Guide. From here you have to use climbing gear and climbing techniques to get to the summit.
Stetind is an almost 1400 meter high granite monolith, the mountain is an impressing sight in itself, but the view from the summit is an experience for life!

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Sverre Hjornevik

The Arctic Train

This is a real kinder egg of a half day excursion from Narvik, and a must for everyone interested in hiking, history and beautiful Arctic scenery.

The trip starts with a train ride with the Arctic Train on the Ofot Line, Norway’s northernmost railway. The journey continues by hiking on the historical Navvies' Road and ends with a scenic fjord cruise through the Rombak fjord back to Narvik.

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