Family holiday in the Northern Norway

Surrounded with hight mountains and deep fjords in the middle of Northern Norway, you will find Narvik located in the heart of the Ofotfjord. The perfect destination to start your holiday in Northern Norway, it being an exeptional opportunity for any family who is seeking meaningful quality time together, a time filled with wonderful experiences, whether it was spent by the sea, up in the high mountains, or at the Polar Park watching the arctic animals.  

Narvik and the Ofoten region

It is in Narvik where you will experience great adventures with the family, whether it was at the Polar Park watching the new-born bears, or in the heart of the beautiful Ofotfjord on a calm RIB tour. If you have the desire to explore nature and experience something extraordinary, then Verdenssvaet in Efjord with the world’s largest and continuous stone surface, is the perfect walking tour along with the family. Not to mention that you will find the most exotic places to spend the night in a hammock under the midnight sun. It is not far to walk from the centre of Narvik to the gondola station, with a magical ride in the gondola up to 656 meters above sea level, leaving you with an outstanding view.

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