Family holiday

Surrounded with hight mountains and deep fjords in the middle of Northern Norway, you will find Narvik located in the heart of the Ofotfjord.

The perfect destination to start your holiday in Northern Norway, it being an exeptional opportunity for any family who is seeking meaningful quality time together, a time filled with wonderful experiences, whether it was spent by the sea, up in the high mountains, or at the Polar Park watching the arctic animals.

Family fun on the slopes

A family ski trip is a great way to spend time togehter. Narvikfjellet ski resort is the biggest ski resort in the Northern Norway, and Narvik is set as the national applicant for FIS World Cup 2027. Although the ski resort is known for its steep and more extreme terrain, where it feels like you are skiing right down in the fjord, it also offers a great area for family and kids. Many of the slopes are adapted for children. The children’s area in Narvikfjellet has a moving carpet lift, and among funny charcters placed in the slope the children can develope their skiing skills.

Family fun beyond the slopes

If you ever get tired of the slopes, dont worry we have plenty of activites you can do outside the ski slopes. In Narvik you can easily combine your ski trip with other arctic activites such as husky tours, chasing the Northern Lights, and many others. Create your happy family memories in Narvik! We will give you the top tips for finding family fun beyond the ski slopes as well.

Family friendly eateries
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Family friendly accommodation