Dinas favourite hikes

The Narvik region is known for its spectacular nature and there are plenty of hiking trips with different difficulty levels.

From those that are suitable for small children to the ones that require special climbing gear. We asked 12-year-old Dina about her tour recommendations in the region. Here come her 7 favourites.

Sommer Narvik
First Lake, The valley of Tøtta

We used to go here in the afternoons to grill. Perfect little tour starting at Taraldsvik Power station (mini power plant). It takes about 15 minutes to reach the lake. There is a nice shelter, which is nice to sit in if it’s windy. But we usually sit down by the water's edge to enjoy cocoa and grilled sausages.

The Taraldsvik Top, The valley of Tøtta

The Top is also a great and easy trip. You go from the mini power plant to First Lake. Then turn right and follow the back up to the top. This is a trip I like very much because we have nice views of the town and the fjord. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the summit, where there is also a visitor’s book (don’t forget to write down that you visited). Usually I go the same way back.

The Funn cabin, The valley of Tøtta

This tour also starts at the mini-power plant and follows the path to First Lake. Then you walk on a very nice, flat gravel path towards Second Lake in the valley of Tøtta. The view is very nice. We look up towards the Tøtta mountain top and to all the mountains around. A little behind Second Lake there is the Funn cabin. It is a Norwegian tourist association cabin where you can light up the bonfire and enjoy yourself with your lunch. It is 3 kilometres to walk to the cabin.

Narvikfjellet Linken
The Linken Top, Narvikfjellet

In the summer we often go up to Linken Top (1006 meters above sea level). Sometimes we walk all the way up from the town, other times we take the cable car first and leave from the Cable Car Station. I like that best. If we go from the town we follow The Mountain Road (Fjellveien). It takes an hour to get to the upper cable car station. Here we used to take a drink break before we continue up to Linken Top. But, as I said, I prefer to take the cable car. From the upper station we follow a well-marked path up to the top. Up there is a great view over the whole of Narvik. In fact, I think we can see all the way to Lofoten. NB: If you want to have an even longer trip you can continue up to the Second and Third Peaks (1272 mas). From here, on a nice day, you can look all the way to Sweden and all the way to Lofoten. The trip up to the Third Peak takes about 3 hours from the starting point at the bottom of the Mountain Road (Fjellveien).

Verdenssvaet i Efjord
Verdenssvaet in Efjord

I really like this one! Here I used to go with my dad to bike or with my whole family to go hiking. Verdenssvaet is a looooong granite mountain side. Perfect for cycling or hiking. By the mountain top we find several places that are perfect for swimming in the summer. And Efjord is perhaps the nicest place we have in the entire Narvik region. NB. You can get to Verdenssvaet by driving one hour from Narvik to Efjord. The trip is suitable for hikers of all ages, even the smallest.

Kjerna in Efjord

This is also a great trip that I really enjoy. I always get heebie-jeebies at the top! Kjerna means pulpit rock because it is similar to the Pulpit Rock in Rogaland. The hike up takes about an hour, so most people can make it, even quite young kids. We park the car by the intersection between Efjord and Ulvik. The first part of the tour goes on the rocky mountain, before reaching a slightly steep, but still decent path up to Kjerna.

Reinneset in Skjomen

I really enjoy Skjomen area and have been to Reinneset many times. The scenery in Skjomen is very nice! Sometimes we take hammocks with us and enjoy ourselves on the mountain right next to the road. Other times we go farther up, for example to the mailbox a few kilometres up on Reinneset mountain side.

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